Derry Bros' winning streak continues


Derry Bros Awards)

In a stunning display of innovation and excellence on the night of the 7th of March, Derry Bros Shipping and Customs Clearance achieved another remarkable victory. Represented by Colin Robb (Operations Director), the company received Team of the Year at the 2024 Irish Logistics and Transport Awards in Dublin, while Brigid Derry (CEO) also secured the Outstanding Innovation Award, as well as a high commendation for Best in Customer Service at the 2024 Women in Business Awards in Belfast.

These triumphs follow Derry Bros Shipping & Customs Clearance's success at the 2023 Business Eye Awards in Belfast, where they won the Small Business Award and earned a high commendation for the Family Business Award; as well as clinching the Innovation Award at the 2024 Fleet Transport Awards in Kildare for their latest customs technology, Digicom. 

The company's consistent recognition at these prestigious events is a testament to the visionary leadership of CEO Brigid Derry and her team's unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. "The transport and logistics industry is continuing to evolve. We already see new border legislation being implemented which is why we believe it is essential that we continue to provide tailored shipping and customs clearance expertise to support businesses' growth," Brigid stated, sharing her thoughts on the evolving landscape of the transport and logistics industry.

Their success can be attributed to a customer-centric approach, a philosophy deeply rooted in the company's history. Carrying forward this legacy, Derry Bros Shipping & Customs Clearance continue to focus on personalising services and expanding offerings to ensure that clients' needs are met with the utmost care and precision. 

Brigid Derry beamed with pride when asked about her team's role in the company's achievements. "These awards are a true reflection of the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm of every member of our team. I am very grateful and proud of their tireless efforts and commitment to excellence!" she said.

As Derry Bros Shipping and Customs Clearance continues to innovate and adapt to the changing industry landscape, their future looks brighter than ever. With Brigid Derry at the helm and a talented team by her side, the company is well-positioned to tackle new challenges and seize opportunities for growth.

The transport and logistics industry is taking notice of the company’s remarkable achievements, and it is clear that this family-owned business from Northern Ireland is setting new standards for innovation and customer service, remaining focused on their mission to support businesses' growth and navigate the complexities in shipping and customs clearance.