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For coming up on a decade and a half, Aaron Dunne Tyre Service has been providing commercial vehicle owners across the midlands and beyond with unrivalled commercial vehicle tyre repair and replacement services. Irish Trucker interrupted Aaron’s busy schedule to get an update on this standard-setting operation. 

Truck, van and trailer owners and operators across counties Laois, Offaly, Westmeath, Kildare, Kilkenny, Tipperary and Dublin – and sometimes further afield – know they can depend upon Aaron Dunne to deliver a commercial vehicle tyre-care service that is simply second to none. 

Aaron has worked with tyres all his life and has been running his own industry-leading company, Aaron Dunne Tyre Service (ADTS), since 2009, providing prompt, professional and value-added mobile call-out solutions (be it scheduled or emergency) from his well-appointed, state-of-the-art depot in Geashill, County Offaly. 

In terms of experience, expertise, equipment and enthusiasm, Aaron Dunne Tyre Service invariable delivers an uncanny level of customer service and vehicle care that culminates organically in a steady volume of repeat business from satisfied customers, as well as picking up new clients all the time through positive word of mouth. 

“The truck end is very busy and I’m certainly being kept going,” Aaron notes. “I have my own customer base built up, with a lot of repeat business and for now the priority is to make sure I look after these valuable customers as best I can. Like any line of work, it’s all about customer service. 

“When it comes to commercial vehicle tyres, I’m still selling and fitting a lot of Westlake, while Roadx have also become very popular. I do some Semperit, too, and a good bit of Michelin. All high-quality tyres, backed up with a fast and dependable service.” 

What is it about Roadx that appeals to commercial vehicle owners? “They are just a good quality tyre at a very good price, so lads are more than happy with them. It’s the same with Westlake, there’s something there for everybody. They have good traction, which is ideally suited to 8-wheelers, and there’s one that’s particularly good for sand and gravel as it won’t get chopped up by rocks. 

“All tyres are good these days but you have to make sure you get the pattern that best suits the work you’re doing,” Aaron continues. “I can advise customers on what tyre pattern will suit their work when it comes to performance and durability. Everybody wants a tyre that is going to last. For each vehicle, we make sure we find the best tyre that offers the best balance and ticks all the boxes – performance, durability, value and of course safety.” 

As well as tyre replacements and puncture repairs, ADTS also offers a top-class commercial vehicle wheel alignment service and stocks steel rims in a variety of sizes to suit all makes and models of trucks and trailers 

The business is constantly progressing and evolving to provide the best-possible service to customers and, to this end, Aaron has taken delivery of a fantastic new Giuliano Automotive Equipment mobile truck tyre changing machine which folds conveniently out through the side door of his fully-equipped and immaculately-maintained Mercedes Sprinter mobile service unit. 

“It’s the only one of its kind in the south of Ireland and is an impressive machine. It saves the body and makes my life a whole lot easier, so I’m delighted with that investment.” 

Indeed, the response has become so efficient and demand for Aaron’s services is such that there potentially exists great scope to expand the business further, were he not being hamstrung by a frustratingly futile search for staff: 

“There’s work here for the right people but nobody seems to want to do it,” he confirms, with a shrug. “I’m on my own at the minute and looking for reliable people to join the business. Nobody wants to do tyre levering but one of the reasons I bought that new machine for the van was to make things a little easier. 

“I could expand the business but am being held back at the moment. There are great opportunities here for lads, who would have their own van and a mobile phone and a decent wage, so hopefully things will change and I’ll be able to push things on with a bit of help.” 

Aaron’s own mobile phone is never switched off and he provides a 24/7 emergency call-out service to customers, while preventative maintenance is also a big part of daily activities, including scheduled checks and upgrades, rotations, etc. for fleet owners from Mountmellick to Rathcoole. 

Irrespective of whether he expands the business going forward or consolidates at his current size, one thing that’s certain is that Aaron Dunne Tyre Service will continue to provide commercial vehicle owners with a professional and proactive tyre-care service that cannot be bettered. 

“I’m trying to build a business that’s competitive and that moves with the market,” he concludes. “Things are going really well at the moment with the amount of work I have and the volume of tyres I’m selling, but again it’s all coming back to getting more staff to share the workload. For the time being, my entire focus is on covering the customers we have and prioritising them. I’ll give them my full attention and make sure they are looked after.” 

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First published in Irish Trucker magazine December 2023/January 2024, Vol 26-7