MAHA Ireland and Rathcoole Commercial partnership grows stronger 



Did you know MAHA Ireland is responsible for maintaining close to 200 lanes for Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing – that’s a market share of 70%! There are approximately 150 centres, with operators conducting tests up to six days-a-week and 10 hours-a-day – one of those test centres is Rathcoole Commercial, based less than two kilometres from MAHA’s headquarters!

However, Rathcoole Commercial’s shift roster differs slightly to the norm, as its managing director, Paul Cooke, explained: “We’re open for business from 7am until 11pm, Monday to Friday. It’s a 16-hour day and we deal with large volumes; in fact, we’re one of the largest CVR test centres in Dublin. 

“As a result of that, we need a large garage and a strong, qualified team of mechanics and testers – currently, we have 22 on the books.”

Demand is there too: from a ‘man in a van’ to the larger companies with significant numbers of trucks or vans, as well as the traditional passenger vehicles, Rathcoole Commercial accommodates every customer type.

Paul revealed the traditional pattern of a workday: “Sole traders will usually book their vehicle in for either first thing in the morning, so they can get on with their day at the conclusion of the test, or last thing at night. Logistically, it makes sense for businesses, as the detrimental impact is minimal. 

“Our typical ‘9 to 5’ customer base will fill the rest. It’s a long day, but it’s proven to be a successful and rewarding formula for all concerned.”

Rathcoole Commercial also offers vehicle repairs, servicing, 12-week HGV inspections and a rental facility.

Paul joined Rathcoole Commercial in February 2014, but MAHA’s partnership begun six years earlier in 2008. 

Rathcoole Commercial has a total three test lanes solely fitted out with MAHA equipment:  two lanes for LGV vehicles and one lane for HGVs:

LGV lane equipment: DUO CM U 5.0 inspection scissor lift, MBT 3250 roller brake testers, MSD 3000 suspension testers, MINC I side slip testers, MLT 3000 headlight testers, MGT5 petrol emissions testers and MDO2 diesel emission testers

HGV lane equipment: MBT 7250 roller brake tester, LMS 20.0 axle play detector, MINC II side slip tester, MLT 3000 headlight tester and MDO2 diesel emission testers

MAHA Ireland Managing Director, Eoin Mallon, said: “We’ve had a front row seat in watching Rathcoole Commercial grow. As the industrial estate has developed and businesses have continued to invest in the area, it has only attracted new customers. For instance, there are a several transport companies with truck fleets, all of which has benefitted Rathcoole Commercial.”

Paul added: “With the continuous growth of the area, we will be looking to expand further and install more test lanes in the near future. COVID-19 delayed the planning process, but I believe we’re now ready to make the step up. 

“That will mean recruiting more staff too; considering we’ve trebled our staff in seven years, we’re an active employer and do an excellent job in retaining staff too.”

When Paul was appointed, MAHA’s team helped immerse him in the industry, explained MAHA’s role in the sector, and promised its support whenever it was needed.

That dialogue and strong rapport continues today, as Paul explained: “The quality of the MAHA product is the first draw – it’s one of the leading and most trusted names in testing circles – then it’s the service. 

“Naturally, it helps that MAHA is situated just down the road, but if our mechanics have a query or equipment needs tending to, the speed in which the issue is dealt with is rapid. For me, that’s what it’s about.”