IVECO joins forces with the Repsol Honda MotoGP team for the next two seasons


IVECO joins forces with the Repsol Honda)

With its long tradition of MotoGP sponsorship, IVECO now joins the Repsol Honda Team in pursuit of victory on the European race circuits for the next two seasons. The new IVECO S-WAY truck will transport all the equipment needed by the team's riders, Marc Márquez and Alex Márquez, for all their MotoGP championship races in Europe. The most successful team in MotoGP history will be using the new IVECO S-WAY truck fully branded in the iconic Repsol Honda colours. 

The Repsol Honda MotoGP team chose the new IVECO tractor unit for its high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency, low operating cost and connectivity. The new IVECO S-WAY incorporates Microsoft Azure cloud connectivity. Just as the MotoGP trackside team is in constant communication with its riders to monitor their bikes' performance, the new IVECO truck is in constant contact with its Control Room, where a team of experts monitor vehicle data, perform remote diagnostics, and upgrade onboard software over the air to improve performance and anticipate maintenance needs.

Fourteen races to victory The IVECO S-WAY will transport all the equipment of riders Marc Márquez and Alex Márquez, starting with the Jerez GP on 19 July and closing the season with the Valencia GP on 15 November. This season's official race schedule has been affected by the Covid-19 situation, with some European races suspended. This means that this year the IVECO S-WAY trucks will take to the road for races in circuits including Barcelona (27 September), Aragón (18 October) and venues in France, Italy and Austria. In all, they will travel to 14 races, of which seven in Spain.

In addition to transporting all the necessary equipment, including spare parts and tools, the Repsol Honda team's IVECO trucks perform a host of other functions. The IVECO S-WAY trucks will also be carrying trailers that convert into office and rest areas for the riders and other team members at the race venues. HRC director Tetsuhiro Kuwata comments: “We would like to welcome IVECO to the Repsol Honda MotoGP team. Obviously, making sure all our gear gets to each race is one of our top priorities, and using IVECO trucks to transport it helps us guarantee that. IVECO's passion for developing new technology and improving efficiency reflects the same spirit we have here at HRC.”

Ruggero Mughini, managing director of IVECO Spain and Portugal, adds: “We are proud to be part of the Repsol Honda team with our new flagship truck, the IVECO S-WAY. Historically, IVECO has a long tradition in competitive motor sports, and we welcome this new partnership with enthusiasm and great expectations. Being part of the Repsol Honda team for the next two seasons is a big challenge. We share many values, such as dedication, teamwork and a commitment to excellence, and together we're unstoppable. We're looking forward to the start of a season full of victories for Marc and Álex Márquez.”

The new IVECO S-WAY: IVECO's heavy vehicle for the next decade This model brings together the most advanced technology in the industry and adds a new cabin, which has been totally redesigned around the driver's needs. The new IVECO S-WAY includes a full and unrivalled package of features and services designed with drivers and sustainability in mind, plus cutting-edge connectivity to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). The IVECO S-WAY is more than a product: it is an integrated transport solution covering the vehicle's entire life cycle and the needs of IVECO's customers.

The new, driver-centric cabin design offers superior driving and onboard living conditions, with a spacious layout, excellent driver ergonomics and well-planned design that combines function and comfort. The new design also optimizes aerodynamics, delivering fuel savings of up to 4%.

The new IVECO S-WAY uses connectivity to improve the driving experience, with advanced driver assistance and driving style evaluation systems, as well as a host of functions developed to make driving and manoeuvring easier. With its advanced Connectivity Box, the IVECO S-WAY can collect, process and send/receive data in real time. On-board connectivity is based on a cloud service platform developed in conjunction with Microsoft for safe data storage and management. The system has been developed to help logistics operators make their business more profitable by maximizing vehicle road time while offering low total operating cost.