Limerick company leading the way in supply chain monitoring


Ravi Rawan)

GGL Security has specialized in supply-chain security for 25 years and their monitoring expertise has seen the company shortlisted for Technology Exporter of the Year at the 2019 Irish Export Industry Awards. From its headquarters in Limerick City, they have seen the evolution of the industry, and are confident that their new security offering can add significant value to hauliers, manufacturers and freight forwarders alike.

The company recently promoted its bespoke service – AllOneView - at the Transport Logistic fair in Munich and the TAPA Conference in Dublin. Irish Trucker spoke to Ravi Rawan, Business Solutions Manager at GGL Security, who explained the new service:

“We are very excited to have a cutting-edge solution to offer our customers, there is a huge appetite out there for an end-to-end solution for supply-chain visibility and security.”

Getting full visibility of the customers’ shipments is no easy task with the variety of truck telematics, trailer hardware, and portable GPS/panic devices available. Ravi continues:

“Traditionally, the solution would have been to invest the same hardware across all vehicles used in the customer’s shipments. A good example of the versatility of the platform is a client of ours, a 3PL who uses five different hauliers on a high-value goods project. Across those five hauliers, there are four different trailer telematics systems, and three different panic button providers.

“With the AllOneView platform, not only can our monitoring centre use one system to actively monitor all of this customer’s shipments, provide them with real-time updates and live reporting – our customer, the manufacturer, and the hauliers all have their own logins and environments to see the real-time information that’s important to them. Nobody has to invest in expensive hardware and the hauliers’ entire fleet can be utilized as required.”

Hauliers may have concerns about third parties seeing the movements of its fleet, Ravi goes on to outline how GGL’s platform operates in this respect:

“With the AllOneView system, we open a window of visibility of the truck and trailer for the duration of the trip only. This is fully auditable – so the freight forwarder, the manufacturer or the security company can only see the vehicles which are working with them at that time.

We create profiles of approved trucks, trailers and drivers for each haulier, these can include photographs of the drivers and vehicles which can be used in the event of a theft or other incident.” 

Because every company operates a different workflow, a security platform needs to seamlessly integrate into this. Ravi goes on to explain how this is achieved:

“When we built the AllOneView system, we realized that different customers want different things. We needed something that would complement the customer's planning, invoicing, distribution and security processes, this new product does all of that. We can even integrate it directly onto the customer’s TMS/ERP system if that’s a requirement.”

All·One·View is operated by GGL’s 24/7 manned International Monitoring Centre located in Limerick. Ravi explains the effect changing over to the new platform has made to the operation:

“We started changing over our existing customer base to AllOneView last year, it has certainly made life easier for our operators. We can now easily manage everything from accepting pre-alerts, pre-trip checks, manage route deviation, unauthorized stoppages, temperature deviations and open-door alerts, pre-alerts, end of trip reporting, proof of delivery and so much more from one screen. The feedback from our customers has been amazing too.”

GGL Security operates goods in transit and warehousing security programs internationally. For more information on All·One·View contact Ravi Rawan at GGL Security on 061-319077 [email protected] or visit the website at