Integrated system for services and infotainment


Integrated system for services and infotainment)

Welcome to a new in-cab experience. Volvo Trucks system for services and infotainment combines easier navigation and more efficient fleet management with quality audio entertainment.

Easier and more efficient assignment handling is made possible by integrating navigation and Dynafleet OnBoard. The driver can receive messages with GPS coordinates and communicate instantly via one point of contact.

The easy-to-use 7” touch screen display can be controlled via touch screen, voice command and steering wheel buttons. This enhances both comfort and safety.

A world of audio entertainment is at the driver’s fingertips. Local radio stations can be accessed from anywhere in the world, while favorite songs can be enjoyed in top quality audio, with access to several third-party streaming services.

Take a look at how you can increase your productivity, efficiency and in-cab enjoyment.