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 The company’s blue and white colours adorn just one make of truck which has always been the way.)

There are many different sectors to the haulage industry and all are  specialised forms of work in their own right.


The one thing that all these have in common is that there are massive time constraints in the haulage industry and none more so when operating refrigerated trailers.

These trailers are generally used for the transportation of chilled and frozen foods and the deadlines for delivery are usually very tight. Hauliers are under constant pressure to get the job done on time and for them to do so, they need an excellent fleet of trucks and trailers that are not only kept in pristine condition, but also very modern.

That is why, despite the massive overheads in the haulage industry, hauliers do their best to upgrade on a fairly regular basis. Of course to achieve this, they need a reliable customer base that pay on time and are there to work alongside the hauler.

For this month’s edition of Irish Trucker, we profile Cavan based haulage firm Angretia Haulage Ltd who for the past 31 years have been supplying a reliable and efficient service to just one customer.

The phrase ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’ doesn’t really apply to Angretia Haulage Ltd as they have been working for one of the country’s most reputable firms, Carton Bros who produce the renowned Manor Farm chickens.

In 1956 Manor Farm introduced the chicken as we now know it today into Ireland. Chicken was now more accessible to more people and quickly became very popular. The original factory for the company was still in the heart of Dublin located in the Market area but moved in 1970 to a custom built factory in the heart of Cavan in a small village called Shercock on the shores of Lough Sillan.

Manor Farm is the chicken brand of Carton Bros. The company is now in the 8th generation of the Carton family with Vincent Carton currently Managing Director. Proud of its Irishness the company employs 824 people directly, contracts a further 160 farmers and gives indirect employment to many more throughout the 26 counties. Manor Farm is also committed to the Love Irish Food campaign which will guarantee the consumer that Irish products are kept on the shelves and will keep jobs in Ireland.

Established in 1984 by Andy and Greta McCann (hence the name Angretia Haulage), this small company located in Shercock just down the road from Carton Bros headquarters started off with just one truck, but as Manor Farm chickens and all their products became more and more popular, Angretia Haulage Ltd grew in accordance and these days they can boast a fleet of 14 artics, three rigids and two transporters.

Andy and Greta retired in 2013 and they have let the day to day duties to their daughter Madeline and her husband Martin Hughes.
Madeline was part of a small minority when she was one of a few female truck drivers on Irish roads, as he drove a truck for five years before opting to stay in the office.
“We have always been with Carton Bros,” said Martin. “I’m with the company about 17 years now, but Andy, Greta and Madeline worked hard over the years to build the business into what it is today.”

Martin revealed that the company’s blue and white colours adorn just one make of truck which has always been the way.
“Scania has always been the preferred choice of truck here. We would deal with McElvaney Motors for all the trucks and we would have a very good business relationship with them over the years. Last year, we added three brand new Scanias to the fleet and a further four this year, which have just arrived recently. They are three R450s and one R410.

“We have two mechanics working here full time looking after the fleet and they are very experienced, one of them us here 30 years! There are 26 people working here in total and all are highly trained in each area. The drivers are very experienced and are aware of the time constraints that we work under. It is essential to have a reliable work force in this industry and we are fortunate to have that.”

Martin stated that the 20 refrigerated trailers are generally bought from new and kept in top condition.
Angretia Haulage Ltd operates throughout the 32 counties delivering mainly to the major supermarkets like Super Valu, Dunnes Stores, Tesco, LIDL and Aldi.

“A lot of work would be done during the night, so we basically have the drivers on shift work, so that when one crew is finished, another can go out. We need to have plenty of cover given the driver restrictions that are in place and it takes a great deal of management to ensure this end of the business runs smoothly.”

This Cavan based firm are continuously looking at ways of improving their service and their most recent addition is an automatic truck wash that ensures that the fleet is kept in pristine condition at all times.

The work that the team at Angretia Haulage Ltd do has not gone unnoticed as they have been nominated for the 2016 Irish Haulier of the Year awards.

Angretia Haulage Ltd
Co Cavan
Tel: (042) 966 9398

Taken from Irish Trucker & Light Commercials magazine, Vol 18 No 8, October 2015