Automotive Services Launch AHS-LightFlex RSA Compliant Headlight Testers


Automotive Services Launch AHS-LightFlex RSA Compliant Headlight Testers)

Automotive Services, a Dublin based Commercial Vehicle Testing Centre and Commercial Equipment supplier has launched a new range of RSA compliant Beam Setters.

Branded under AHS as AHS-LightFlex the headlight testers are both Road Safety Authority (RSA) compliant and CoVIS / asanetwork ready. For CVRT test centres this ensures compatibility with existing equipment and software to minimise disruption to your test lanes.

Commenting on the launch Mr Derek Murray, managing director of Automotive Services said: “these headlight testers are the most cost effective solution on the Irish market to date. They are suitable for all types of heavy goods (HCV) and light commercial (LCV) vehicles, can measure all types of light sources including Filament, halogen xenon & LED, come with RS232 and USB ports and Bluetooth as standard. Each beam setter has an automatic program guide for inspections and manual functions for individual adjustments”

Mr Murray went on to say: “The RSA has recently released their spec on beam setters that will be integrated into the CVRT test by March 2015. To mitigate the financial burden we are offering a limited credit line whereby the cost of the equipment can be spread over a number months.”

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