Zero Emission Canter E-CELL enters customer trials



Mitsubishi’s all-electric ‘Zero Emission’ Canter E-CELL is set to start customer trials in Portugal.

The first all-electric light-duty truck, produced in a small series, runs emission-free and almost silently. The Canter E-CELL for Europe is manufactured at the Tramalgal plant in Portugal. Eight vehicles have been released for customer trials.

“The FUSO Canter E-CELL allows us once again to emphasise our leadership in the field of alternative drive systems,” said Dr. Albert Kirchmann, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) President & CEO. “Led by Daimler Trucks’ advanced engineering team based in Japan, our colleagues in Portugal have now realised yet another big milestone, bringing the latest Daimler Trucks’ technological innovation into the world.”

The customer trials with the FUSO Canter E-CELL under real-life conditions are set to run for one year. The eight Canter E-CELLs are based on the Canter with a wheelbase of 3,400 mm and feature a single cab in the wide, comfort specification. Each is fitted with either a 4.3 m-long platform body or a 4.4 m-long box body.

The capabilities of these electrically-powered light-duty trucks will be put to the test under a wide range of conditions. The city of Lisbon will be using the Canter E-CELL for horticulture and waste disposal purposes; the city of Porto as a means of transport between its various municipal buildings; and the city of Abrantes similarly in the field of horticulture.

Transporta will use the Canter E-CELL for house-to-house deliveries as part of its short-radius distribution service, and the energy supplier REN for transport purposes within the port area of the town of Sines, to the south of Lisbon. Finally, the Canter E-CELL will be helping the Portuguese national postal service CTT with transport runs between its distribution centres in Lisbon.