New report backs longer trailers



Longer trailers have cut down on the mileage done by HGVs according to a report by the Department for Transport.

Between 375,000 and 560,000 HGV vehicle miles have been removed from the road as a result of longer semi-trailer operations since September 2012.

The trial is due to last for ten years from the launch in 2012. The trial will permit up to 1,800 trailers in two length categories (up to 14.6m and up to 15.65m) to operate under vehicle special orders.

The report states: “It is worth noting however that the operators are using the LSTs under a specific operational regime and that LST drivers have typically been subject to special (and recent) training. These factors may have a bearing on the road collision experience of the LSTs to date, in comparison to the general GB articulated HGV fleet.”