Chinese man collects toll from truckers to buy new dog



A man in China blocked a road and collected tolls from lorry drivers after his mothers dog was killed by a trucker.

The man wanted to recoup the 2,000 renminbi (Eu240) it would cost him to replace the dead animal in Nanjing City in Jiangsu.

Su Cheng said the dog – which was run over by a passing truck - had brought great happiness to his mother who is in her 70s.

His mother Gao was walking the dog when it was hit and she was also nearly knocked down by the lorry when she tried to stop it after the accident. Apparently, rather than stopping, the driver sped up and fled the scene.

"Su and his mother were quite angry, but they couldn’t find the guilty trucker," said a police spokesman. "To vent out their anger, Su and another two family members blocked the road to charge toll fees to passing trucks."

For each truck, Su charged 10RMB (Eu1.20) and he wrote down the plate number of the lorries in a notebook to know which ones had been charged. But police forced the bereaved to repay the lorry drivers and said he was not within his rights to penalise all lorry drivers for the actions of one.