Mitsubishi launches Fuso Super Great V



Heralded as the ultimate solution for fuel efficiency in the market, the Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great V has been showcased in Kawasaki.

Achieving up to 10% less fuel consumption compared to trucks currently on the market, the new Super Great V is being championed as the ultimate HGV for long-distance transport.

According to Mitsubishi, extended standardisation of advanced safety features offer the highest standard of drivability, visibility, durability, and safety in one total support package

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, today hosted the ‘Super Great V Customer Experience’ event at its Kawasaki Plant in Japan, the company’s main production footprint globally.

Customers from around Japan attended the customer-tailored product launch event including a product workshop of the new fuel-efficiency truck combined with a guided plant tour to witness how the quality and its ultimate performance are built into the new Super Great V.

Proven by internal testing, the Super Great V achieves up to 10% less fuel consumption cost (diesel + AdBlue®) compared to trucks currently running in the market. In addition, the Super Great V, developed to deliver ‘more mileage with less fuel,’ is the only truck with all models over-fulfilling the 2015 Fuel Efficiency Standard (FES) in Japan by 5%, subject to significant tax-exemption.

Mr. Thomas Decker, MFTBC Director & Project Leader of Heavy-Duty Truck Development said: “The new Super Great V was designed with one goal in mind – to become the ultimate solution in real-life fuel economy. Fuel costs not only make up one third of the total cost of operation of a truck; they are expenses that operators have only little control over. It is a common challenge all around the world, but in Japan, where trucks deliver 90% of the goods and are the backbone of an entire economy, this is an issue to be taken especially seriously, and that is why we brought the real Champion in fuel savings, the Super Great V which achieves up to 10% less fuel consumption cost (diesel + AdBlue®) compared to trucks currently running in the market.”