Sweden and Norway opt for Rheinmetall MAN trucks



Between them, the armed forces of the two Scandinavian countries have ordered a total of 335 vehicles in 14 different configurations, worth some €200 million, with first lot deliveries expected from 2015 until 2017.

“Although the framework agreement does not contain details concerning the number of vehicles to be purchased, it expresses the intent of the procurement authorities of Sweden and Norway to buy up to 2,000 military logistics vehicles during the 2014-2026 timeframe,” noted Rheinmetall. “As a result, the total order value of the joint procurement program would exceed €1 billion.”

Under the initial order, Sweden will receive 215 trucks in a number of variants, 51 of which will feature protected driver's cabs.

A service agreement covering all of the vehicles supplied has also been signed.

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH is a joint venture of Rheinmetall AG and MAN Truck & Bus AG.