Another €100m per annum needed for repair work on Ireland’s motorways



According to The Irish Independent, the Authority says as much as one-third of its national network – 1,800km – is in 'fair or poor' condition and needs maintenance to prevent further deterioration. It would take €100m in funding each year to prevent the network from falling further into disrepair.

NRA chief executive Fred Barry has warned that failing to come up with the funding will result in the network becoming as unreliable as Ireland’s water infrastructure.

"We are spending less and have been for the last number of years than is appropriate over the long-term," he states.

"We are still managing and we're not going to see potholes and roads sliding into verges, but we have about two-thirds of the network which is either good or in very good condition, with the balance poor or fair. But over time, the amount that's very good moves to good, and fair moves to poor.

"It's essential that capital maintenance and rehabilitation is carried out. There's an asset value of €30bn there, and it's important we retain that value. The models and surveys show that eventually you end up where the water network is at the moment – that's the ultimate price you pay for under-investment."

In 2012, some €600m was allocated to the NRA for capital projects by the Department of Transport but that figure fell to €300m last year.