Five chicks hitch a ride in HGV



The Great Tits took the journey from Leeds, Yorkshire down to the village of Ringmer in East Sussex after their mother built their home nestling in a stack of bricks – which just happened to be on the back of the truck!

Lorry driver Matt Isted didn't notice the chicks until they eventually arrived at the Chandlers Building Supplies yard. His quick thinking in delivering them to the neighbouring Ratstede Centre for Animal Welfare helped save the birds’ lives.

The trucker explained: “When the bricks came into the yard the nest fell onto the floor. Someone said it was empty but when we looked inside there were the chicks.

“My first instinct was to take them round next door to try and help - we thought they might not survive. I am an animal lover myself so I think I will go back round to check up on them every now and then.”