Dublin waste collection restrictions come into force



Under the rules of the new system, bins can only be collected in particular areas of the city on certain days. Bylaws have been introduced by Dublin City Council to govern the new system, which will see waste companies prosecuted if their lorries are out on the wrong days.

For the purpose of the new restrictions, Dublin city has been divided into six districts. There will be collections to the south of the city on Monday, to the west on Tuesday and to the north on Wednesday. The northeast will be covered on Thursdays and Fridays, while householders in the city centre can avail of seven-day collections.

Hugh Coughlan of Dublin City Council’s waste management division told The Irish Times: “The fact that several waste collectors now operate in Dublin means communities were being inconvenienced by numerous bin trucks in their area on a daily basis with resulting difficulties of footpaths blocked, littering and traffic issues. These bylaws will ease these problems considerably.”