Scottish police probing cereal offender



The driver was filmed eating his breakfast while overtaking cyclists at around 35mph in Edinburgh city centre.

YouTube user Raging Bike – who was one of the cyclists - uploaded the video online and commented: "I guess if you are hungry then why not eat a bowl of cereal as you drive. How did he do this? He must have planned to exit his house, climb into the car (no hands?) with a bowl of cereal and milk... who does that???"

The hungry driver is caught holding the bowl of cereal with one hand while steering his car past the cyclist with the other. The cyclist catches up with him at a set of traffic lights and zooms in on him with his camera to clearly show the cereal.

All of which also begs the question: who cycles with their mobile phone / camera at the ready?

Police in Scotland have confirmed that they are launching an investigation and an AA spokesman commented: "It's pretty stupid, it's unbelievable really. For some people their car in a way becomes their home, and they behave in such a way that they would in their house."