New app can save money on insurance



The scheme will be available to all drivers from No-Nonsense Insurance, which is part of the FBD group. It is the first smart phone app of its type in the market, according to the company.

Drivers are invited to download the app onto their smart phone, which can then monitor their behaviour on the road and confirm that they are driving safely

According to The Irish Independent, the TopDriver app was put together using a panel of expert drivers. Users switch on the app on their mobile phone before each journey. After the journey, advice is offered on how well or badly the driver performed. Those who use the app, which is free to download, can save up to 15% when they buy insurance.

A further 15% can be saved by installing a plug-in device in the car to complement the mobile phone app, which confirms their driving behaviour. No-Nonsense director Jackie McMahon expects one in three drivers who use the new app to benefit from cheaper motor insurance:

"This new and innovative technology is set to transform the way in which car insurance premiums are determined and works on the basis of rewarding good drivers for their behaviour on the roads."

Telematics technology is growing in popularity in the UK and mainland Europe where it has been credited with reducing accidents and premiums.