Uninsured drivers costing the rest of us €40 each



Figures show that 7% of Irish motorists have had their vehicles damaged by an uninsured driver. When this happens, the Motor Insurance Bureau pays for the damage but claws back the money by increasing the premiums of insured drivers.

AA Motor Insurance has carried out a survey of 10,000 motorists and has found that Monaghan is the worst county for hit and runs and also for damage being done by uninsured drivers.

AA director of consumer affairs Conor Faughnan told The Irish Examiner: “When an uninsured driver causes damage, compensation is paid by the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland. That body acts as the insurance company and pays the cost, but we all pick up the tab for it and it’s pushing up the price for the 95% of us who pay for motor insurance every year.

“It can be an honest mistake, for example, if a husband changes policy and forgets to include his wife. But more often, it is people who know full well what they are doing and are reckless enough not to care.”