Crazy insurance claims revealed


So, why did you crash?)

According to one of the UK's top insurance comparison websites, one driver was involved in an accident after claiming they saw an unnamed celebrity walking along the street. The "celebrity" turned out to be a normal member of the public.

Despite the humorous nature of these claims, many of these accidents betray a shocking ignorance of the Highway Code and basic driving skills, which only go to force up insurance premiums for other drivers.

"We never cease to be amazed by some claims," said Paul Gilbert customer services director of price comparison website, "It's almost as if some people pass their driving test and immediately forget the basic rules of the road."

Ten of our favourite claims included:

"I was changing a CD and I didn't notice the bend in the road. I ended up sideways in a field, and walked out through the hole where the windscreen was, listening to Led Zep"

"I thought I saw somebody famous walking down the pavement, and took my eye off the road, causing the crash. [Mr Not A Celebrity] saw the accident and kindly agreed to be a witness."

"The other driver said he was too busy looking at the map to notice that he had gone the wrong way on a one-way street."

"I was trying to swat a fly with the ice scraper and didn't see the other car."

"The other driver said they had just driven off the ferry after a week in France, and forgot to drive on the left."

"I saw somebody getting undressed in their front window, and crashed through their wall."

"We were driving up to the traffic lights just as they turned red, and pressed the accelerator instead of the brake pedal"

"I saw a police car, panicked, and drove on the pavement by mistake."

"I was driving along a country road and the pollen from a nearby field made me sneeze and I ended up in a ditch."

"The other driver was too busy putting on their make-up to see me coming the other way."

And our absolute favourite:

"I was practising what I'd do in the event of a car crash, and crashed." spokesperson Paul Gilbert said: "These may sound far-fetched, but they just go to show how little grip of the Highway Code some drivers possess.

"With so much going on both in and out of cars, it's no wonder some drivers are so easily distracted. It's a shame, because these poor skills end up costing other drivers more through increased insurance premiums."