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03 March 2017

Their fleet contains state of the art Eco Management technology which provides management the ability to calculate each journeys fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Their fleet contains state of the art Eco Management technology which provides management the ability to calculate each journeys fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Despite being very much in its infancy, 360° Logistics is quickly carving a niche for itself as a company that their customers can trust when it comes to satisfying their transport needs.

360° Logistics is the brainchild of Michelle English and Brian Barrins. The pair met while attending college in DIT and this time last year they took the brave decision to go into business together. Their business plan became a reality in February when 360° Logistics commenced trading.

Michelle takes up the story: “Both of us studied in DIT together and we ended up working together in the TPN headquarters in Blanchardstown. We then decided to take a break and went travelling for two years. Around last November we had a decision to make as to what we were going to do, we decided if we were going to move home we both wanted to work for ourselves so it was great timing and opportunity to open a company.   

“We arrived back in Ireland at Christmas 2015 and set the wheels in motion, deciding on a company name and what areas of logistics we were going to concentrate on. We opted for 360° logistics as we wanted to incorporate the idea of covering all aspects, the importance of completion and the logo is a compass signifying the geographical area. In mid-February, we purchased our first truck and started trading.”

They take pride in their highly qualified team, with both directors having an educational background and working experience in the logistics sector. They are also pleased to have created jobs within the West of Ireland in the form of their professional drivers and hope to continue doing so as the business grows
It may be early days but the signs so far have been encouraging for Michelle and Brian.

“We're growing steadily and every time a new customer comes on board with us we see it as an achievement.

“The general set up was a big challenge. Sourcing insurance, for example, was very difficult. We are with an Irish broker, however it was very disappointing to discover that they had to find a company in the UK who were willing to discuss our requirements. That was the main struggle at the start, finding an insurance company willing to cover or even quote, as currently Irish insurance companies are not interested in HGV businesses, but this is a challenge for many in the industry.

In regards to customers Michelle explained “We're trying to build a base of loyal customers so our main focus has been on finding customers who are willing to work with a start-up company within the industry. Customers are usually very encouraged by the enthusiasm of such a company.

 “Companies such as IWT and TPN were extremely helpful at the very beginning, becoming valued customers from day one, However I'd have to say the same about a lot of companies in the transport industry. There were many who were very supportive and willing to work with us from the outset.”

One of those that Michelle was keen to name check was Brian's aunt Hilary Barrins, Hilary who previously owned a haulage company was a great help with the initial set up and has been a pillar of support for the company throughout.  

Based in Ballina and Dublin, the extensive range of services provided by 360° Logistics includes Haulage, Overnight Pallets and Parcels, Dedicated Van Service, Container Consignments, Shunting and Hazardous Goods/Known Cargo.

360° Logistics' fleet comprises of new technically advanced vehicles. Michelle and Brian have invested in the Renault T range which is regarded as one of the most economical and fuel efficient trucks available. The body of the truck is designed to be more aerodynamic allowing them to smoothly and swiftly deliver freight.

360° Logistics is committed to optimising each journey their vehicles undertake. Their fleet contains state of the art Eco Management technology which provides management the ability to calculate each journeys fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

The Eco calculator allows them to monitor and provide KPI’s regarding environmental practices. All this information can be provided to their customers in their aim to provide a greener supply chain. Their vehicle Monitoring System allows for real time information of their customers' consignments. 

360° Logistics works with one of Ireland's largest dedicated parcel delivery service. Every consignment shipped with 360° Logistics is fully track and traceable. Each parcel shipped is scanned throughout its journey, from collection to final destination and customers can log onto 360° Logistics website ( to track where their parcel is at any given point. 

“A lot people are very happy with their current transport providers so that means we have a lot of work to do to prove ourselves,” Michelle, who holds a degree in Logistics & Supply Chain management from her time in DIT, outlined. 

“We're a small company but we strive to give the best service for the work we do. We're both very hands on, very driven and our customers are guaranteed a personal approach and high standards. Plus, we always do our best with our rates to be competitive.

“Looking ahead to the future, we would hope to have a few more vehicles on the road by the end of next year but we're going to keep our feet on ground. We intend to grow the business as the demand for our services grow.”

Call 360° Logistics on 087 918 3180 for a quick quote on your nationwide transport needs.

360° Logistics
Tel: 087 918 3180

Taken from Irish Trucker & Light Commercials magazine, Vol 20 No 1, February 2017

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