Forty years of trailer innovation

08 December 2016

Though servicing worldwide markets, Muldoon Transport Systems remains very much a family-run business providing a friendly and personal touch.

Though servicing worldwide markets, Muldoon Transport Systems remains very much a family-run business providing a friendly and personal touch.

Renowned for designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative trailers for worldwide markets, Muldoon Transport Systems Ltd. this year celebrates 40 years of excellence. We popped into their Dungannon HQ and caught up with director Justin Muldoon to find out just what it is that has kept this outstanding family-run operation at the cutting edge of its chosen market for four full decades.

Forty years is a landmark anniversary for any company. In the trailer manufacturing sector, it’s a particularly notable milestone. You don’t get there by chance.

Muldoon Transport Systems Ltd. celebrates its 40th birthday in 2016. Rather than getting old and tired, however, a distinct sense of enthusiasm, vibrancy and energy permeates every facet of this internationally-renowned family business, which - true to form - has some exciting new products coming on stream.

Reflecting on 40 years of uninterrupted service, during which time the brainchild of his father, Gerald, has established itself as the market leader for bulk transport trailer solutions, director Justin Muldoon is pleased to report that Muldoon Transport Systems is currently in as strong a position as it has ever been:

“Everything we do is based on innovation, investment and R&D. We’ve always been able to come up with innovative products and that has ensured that we’ve remained busy.

“Thankfully, we’ve enjoyed a period of sustained growth over the past five years and we’ve grown substantially during that time, with a focus on markets outside of Ireland. We’re doing a lot more into the UK as well as exporting to the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia and parts of Europe.”

This international recognition is the direct result of an inordinate investment of time, money and expertise into the business. Founder and MD Gerald Muldoon is synonymous throughout the industry for his exceptional engineering excellence and vast knowledge; his great engineering mind is always working, devising new products, improving existing ones.

“We spend a lot of money every year developing our products to stay ahead of the game and that’s why we have a series of worldwide patents on innovations that were designed and developed in-house,” Justin confirms. 

Plans are afoot to mark the company’s 40th anniversary with something special: “We’re in the middle of developing a new type of blowing trailer, which we believe will be a ground-breaking development in the bulk delivery markets. This new product will be aimed at worldwide markets and we’re confident it will be the future of bulk blowing.”

Though servicing worldwide markets, Muldoon Transport Systems remains very much a family-run business providing a friendly and personal touch. MD Gerald Muldoon, who also heads up the R&D department, is joined in the running of the business by his sons Justin, Patrick and Thomas as well as daughters Marie-Therese Trainor and Jacqui Boyce. “It’s a real family affair and we have all been assigned to our own specific departments,” notes sales director Justin.

Regarding the ongoing popularity of Muldoon Transport Systems’ high-quality trailers and the constant innovations coming to market, he continues: “One of our most successful recent products is a new high-pressure blowing system which enables customers to deliver faster, more efficiently and with less degradation of the product. This is being used by major feed companies in Ireland, the UK and further afield and the feedback we’ve received has been excellent.”

Muldoon’s steering system has been the benchmark for much of their success and is considered to be the market leader for bulk feed vehicles and vehicles that require greater manoeuvrability.

While the bulk feed delivery sector accounts for a large percentage of trailers sold, this is by no means the only market served: “As well as blow systems, we also do a massive range of trailers,” Justin confirms. “This includes draw-bar trailers for the recycling and waste industries and we manufacture a huge number of those annually for UK and local councils.

“Vehicles for wood pellets and wood chip are also very big now, with a lot of people changing their heating systems and going for wood pellet and wood chip boilers. We are the preferred supplier of trailers and rigid vehicles to the largest biomass producers in the UK and Ireland, including Balcas, Verdo and Drax.”

Forty years down the line, Muldoon Transport Systems commands an influential position at the forefront of the trailer design and manufacturing market. The Dungannon-headquartered enterprise continues to go from strength to strength.

“In the last couple of years we have set up our own service and repair facility in Derbyshire to service the needs of our growing customer base in the UK, while we continue to service our core home market with as much enthusiasm as ever and to provide a premium level of customer service to all,” Justin states.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about back-up service, knowledge and people being able to get you on the end of the phone when they need you. We make ourselves available to talk to our customers and we place a great emphasis on our spare parts department, with parts delivered next-day at the best available rates.”

With 40 years on the clock, one gets the distinct impression that there’s a lot more to come from Muldoon Transport Systems Ltd.! “We’re very happy with where we’re at right now,” Justin concludes. “Starting from humble beginnings, we have established ourselves as the top supplier in Europe of vehicles for the bulk discharge sector. The competition has come and gone but we are still here.

“We’re employing up to 80 people at the minute, a lot of whom have been with us for over 30 years. There’s a core of vastly experienced personnel there and we continue to take in five apprentices per year and put them through our own apprenticeship programme in order to train them up for the future.

“We have built this business on innovation and expertise, providing products and services that nobody else can match. That’s what we will continue to do.”

Muldoon Transport Systems Ltd.,
181 Clonmore Road, Dungannon,
County Tyrone, BT71 6HX.
Tel: 028 38852002 / 38851873 Fax: 028 38852203

Taken from Irish Trucker & Light Commercials magazine, Vol 19 No 4, May 2016 

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