Logidok - The Future of Document Management in Transportation and Logistics industry

13 January 2015

While most people work 8 hours and return to the comfort of their homes each night, there are three million truck drivers who spend their lives on the road to keep Europe moving. Nearly everything we produce and consume was on a truck at some point. Despite the importance of the road haulage industry to our economy, the tools that truckers use to do their jobs are severely outdated. It’s time to change that.

The road haulage industry is now adopting many great mobile technologies as truckers are becoming more tech savvy. As the transition away from paper progresses worldwide, more and more truckers are diving into what mobile has to offer.

Logidok is a Hungary-based startup that’s trying to make it easier for small and medium-sized transport and logistics companies to get digitized freight related documents from the road and handle them in one secured place.

The era of mobility has created new opportunities for growth. Companies that embrace technology will re-define the speed of document management, leading to more competitive benchmarks. Investing in a mobile solution will allow businesses to create 21st century goals that meet customer expectations —and far exceed them.

Logidok solves a universal problem faced by truckers and companies every single day – sending freight related documents from the road to the office. Everyday, millions of truckers send their freight documents and submit them to their dispatcher via fax or mail. It has been this way for decades. We think it’s time for a better option — Logidok is bringing freight documents into the mobile age.

The Logidok mobile app lets drivers:

·         Scan and send enhanced quality documents for free

·         Index, doc-type documents

·         Store and resend all documents

·         Track documents on their smartphone

But that’s not all. Companies are required to collect and administrate their freight documents. Today, that means filing cabinets full of paper and hours spent administrating. Logidok is going to change the way documents are managed.

The Logidok website lets companies:

·         store their digitized documents in the cloud – powered and secured by Amazon

·         view documents uploaded by drivers

·         search for documents by driver, date, trip #, truck reg. #, trailer #, doc type…

·         forward documents to partners

·         manage drivers

·         and much more

The Logidok digital document handling service is completely free for drivers who can send as many documents as they want. Companies can receive digitized documents and try Logidok Inbox service for free.

By giving truckers a better way to handle their freight documents on their smartphones, Logidok is building the digital connectivity with transport and logistics companies that will allow Logidok to deliver even more valuable services in the future.

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