High Tech will bring big cost benefit says Komatsu distributor

12 November 2014

Komatsus new PC210LCi intelligent machine control excavator

Komatsus new PC210LCi intelligent machine control excavator

The benefits that technology will bring to current and future generations of plant buyers will be reflected in extra productivity, greater economy and higher levels of operational safety sufficient to deliver increased profit and offset the higher purchase costs involved, Komatsu distributor Michael McHale, managing director of McHale Plant Sales, has predicted.

Citing Komatsu’s factory-fitted ‘i in the sky’ intelligent control and guidance technology as one example of the high-spec goodies now becoming standard features on modern machines, McHale said ‘the pay-off that owners can expect from these new systems will more than reward them for the higher purchase price they may have to pay.’
‘Typical of these will be the ability to 
allow less qualified drivers fill in when skilled operatives are ill or unavailable, without sacrificing quality or productivity’ he said. ‘Stroke-sensing hydraulics that control bucket positioning and remove the worry of digging too deep or damaging a target surface are already a reality as are inertial measuring devices that deliver precise machine orientation and angle monitoring.’ 
Other benefits that technology will deliver include consistent accuracy when rough digging and automatic single pass grading while staking, surveying and final inspection can be reduced or eliminated.

Predicting a future when it could be a ‘condition’ that equipment coming on site is fitted with machine control systems, McHale observed that ‘the day is not far away when touch screen skills will be the first qualification on an operator’s can do list.’
As if to underline his belief, Michael McHale also pointed to the fact that, currently, Komatsu is devoting some 3.5% of turnover to R&D spending with some 3.500 engineers employed in the development of new technologies. Moreover, he said, proof of the value that this has in global terms is seen in Komatsu’s selection on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indices for the second year running.

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