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The Kel-Berg Group holds a large stock of new and used  trucking  equipment ready for immediate delivery. 2017 saw Wexford native John Byrne come on board with the company and he was able to give us the breakdown of their Irish Operations. 

Kel-Berg Trailers & Trucks Ltd has been a name present in the UK market since back in the mid-1980s  and throughout the  years  it  has kept ahead with the changes in UK and European markets.   

Through 2015 and 2016,  Kel-Berg concentrated on investing and improving its facilities in the form of a drive through DVSA authorised testing lane and an IVA lane, enabling them to offer a complete on site solution. They also extended  their  five bay  workshop  to eight bays, which  has  enabled them to offer their new body supply and fitting facility. 

2017 has saw that same  investment  continue with another five bays and more Whole Vehicle Type Approvals, as well as research and development going on behind the scenes. 

In Ireland, the Kel-Berg Group operate from  Enniscorthy  in Co Wexford through a man by the name of John Byrne, who was good enough to take time from his busy schedule to tell  Irish Trucker  what they’re all about.   

“Kel-Berg started in Scandinavia around Denmark and Norway 35 years ago and set-up an office in the UK in the mid-1980s,”  said John.   

“Kel-Berg  manufacture  and  supply  a range of different  trailers from Aluminium and  Hardox  Steel Tipping trailers to  machinery trailers,  flats, curtains and fridges.

“Kel-Berg  has  been  contracting  rigid  trucks for many years as well now  and supply their own  Hardox  steel muck and double  skinned  bodies.  They make them in Denmark and ship them down to the UK  where bodies, cranes and covers are fitted to customer requirements.  They are very successful with their grab  lorries  and have achieved a great name for a quality product, quick turnaround and excellent value on part exchange vehicles. 

“In Ireland,  Kel-Berg has been  contracting and  selling tractors  units and trailers  since the mid-1990s.  They operated from their main office in Bicester in the UK where they  supplied  a lot of trucks through Irish dealers  here.  Today  Kel-Berg’s  focus is on trailers and rigid truck production and the company feels  the time is right to increase their presence in the Irish market.”

Kel-Berg Ireland is the leading supplier of tipping trailers in the UK and Ireland with a variety of body types available in steel,  and aluminium both available in Tar spec models. Their T100 Aluminium  U shaped Tipper has been a huge success for Kelberg who have supplied thousands of Tippers to Sand and Gravel men due to the trailers light weight design and  construction.   

The current T100 Alloy Tipper weighs in at an astonishing 5280 kg which offers customers considerable extra payload with some customers achieving 32-tonne payloads.   

The company has also invested  heavily in robotic welding  technology to supply seamless welding on its Rigid  Bodies  and  purchased 700-tonne  brake presses to improve    its ability to bend huge sizes of steel.

They also provide all of the premium brands of parts – “whatever the customer wants”, as John himself says.  His own background saw him working in machinery sales before Kel-Berg  came  calling and he couldn’t turn down the opportunity.   

“I worked with Dennison Trailers for a number of years and I had done some work  with  Kel-Berg  Truck and  Trailers  in  the past  who I always found to be an excellent company to work with. So as soon as  they  asked  me would I do some work in Ireland for them  I had no hesitation to join their team,”  John outlined.   

“At the moment, my concentration is on the tipping trailer market. I have the experience and I’m based in Wexford, which has a high concentration of hauliers being so close to Rosslare.” 

He continued: “I only started with Kel-Berg this year (2017) and I have to say that business has been good. I’ve been connecting with a lot of old contacts and have been met with nothing but positivity since.  Customers are glad to see another supplier alternative for trailers now that the market has picked up again. More suppliers  means  better prices for hauliers. 

“We’ve had some success with the second-hand grab  lorries  lately, which is another  string to our bow, and the grab lorry market is quite good  at the moment, I can tell you. 

“Where we’re based is right alongside  Clive  Gethings  Garage  in  Enniscorthy. Clive’s people are very experienced and we’ve a good stock pile of trailers in the yard there.  Clive also sells a  lot of DAF trucks here as well  and is a real trucking company that supports and complements  Kel-Bergs  activities  well.”

From the base in  Enniscorthy, customers can pick up either new or used stock which includes  tipping trailers, low loaders, grab loaders, rigid tippers, mixers and many more (see   

Kel-Berg Trailers & Trucks Ltd has  earned a reputation based on sound advice and top quality service.   

“We have a wide customer base here and in the north we’d have a lot more success with the aluminium,”  said John. 

“Keohanne  Readymix,  Kilsaren, MTS  Haulage, MK Transport and Gerard  McElvaney  in Monaghan would be some of our clients and we’re grateful for their loyal business.” 

So what’s the secret? Why do  Kel-Berg’s clients tend to choose the company first ahead other competitors in the industry.

John says  it’s  all about the PAYLOAD.       

“Customers are getting over 31 tonnes per pay load. If they’re saving a tonne per load every time they go out, that extra tonne they carry saves a lot over the lifetime of the trailer,”  he said.

“In fact, this extra tonne can help pay for the price of the trailer. Also all Kelberg Tippers designs are Stability  Tested to 9.5 degrees which has been achieved with the 1300 mm chassis centres which allows safe  unloading and Tipping.”

The company’s parts department stock a wide range of parts for Kel-Berg  products, most of which are available for next day delivery with secure online ordering payment via their new dedicated parts website. 

As for the service department at Kel-Berg, the  firm has years of knowledge between them and can nine times out of 10 diagnose any fault or problem with Kel-Berg  products  over the phone. Their experienced  staff  has  access to the latest Knorr  Bremse  diagnostics equipment and various other diagnostics equipment on site.   

Although Kel-Berg do not have  their  own 24/7 service van in operation, they do have a wide range of service networks available to them through their suppliers service networks and can easily help customers far and wide gain contact with the appropriate service agent to help.   

No matter how big or small you think the problem may be,  or in or out of warranty the product is,  you can contact them. 

Kel-Berg are happy to announce that the have been added to IVECO’s Approved Bodybuilder list for their drive away scheme.

Looking towards 2018, John sees a bright future ahead for the company. 

“Kel-Berg have been analysing the market for 2017 and are  introducing a  new  Hardox  Steel  tipping trailer in January for the construction market. The trailer will be  full legal length 8.1 m from King pin to the centre of back axle to be 46 Tonne  compliant.” 

Kel-Berg Ireland

Enniscorthy, ,Co. Wexford

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Taken from Irish Trucker & Light Commercials magazine, January 2018, Vol 21 No 1