Distribution and Logistics firms should sign up for the ApprenticeshipsNI programme with Seetec


Every company knows that remaining competitive in the rapidly changing Distribution and Logistics market can be a challenge. Customer expectations are increasing greatly with individuals and businesses expecting to get goods faster, more flexibly and at very low delivery cost. That is why all Distribution and Logistics firms need to use every tool available to them to ensure that their company stays ahead of its competitors.

One of the most exciting ways for businesses to stay on the cutting edge is the ApprenticeshipsNI programme. Funded by the Northern Ireland European Social Fund Programme 2014 – 2020 and the Department for the Economy, and delivered by approved Training Contractors like Seetec, the ApprenticeshipsNI programme aims to connect highly motivated individuals with the employers who need their skills. Seetec works with apprentices in the following areas:

  • Driving Goods Vehicles
  • Logistics Operations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Traffic Office
  • Warehousing and Supply

In 2016/17 almost 6,400 people took up apprenticeships as part of the programme. Below are the top five reasons why businesses in Belfast should work with Seetec to benefit from the huge pool of available talent:

1. Apprenticeships drive innovation within companies

By bringing new apprentices into a company, employers can benefit from the most up-to-the-minute training and skills. Apprentices bring fresh ideas and unique perspectives to the table and can help Distribution and Logistics firms adapt to the evolving demands of industry and drive the innovation necessary to be a market leader.

2. Apprenticeships are the solution to the skills shortage

One of the most persistent challenges facing employers in Northern Ireland is finding the right staff to fill crucial roles in their company. Seetec offer employers support throughout the apprenticeship, streamlining the whole process and allowing employers to dedicate more time and resources into running their company instead of hiring for it.

3. Existing employees can benefit too

The benefits of working with the ApprenticeshipsNI programme are not restricted to newly hired staff. Existing workers who are moving into a new role in the company can further their own careers and contribute more to the company by undertaking free apprenticeships across a range of areas including Logistics and Digital Marketing with off-the-job support from Seetec.

4. Seetec has a proven track record of delivering successful apprenticeships 

Seetec has a wealth of experience in delivering quality apprentice candidates and world-class support to a range of high-profile businesses including Distribution and Logistics firms.

5. Your company could receive £500 for signing up

Last but certainly not least, there is a financial incentive for employers on completion of the ApprenticeshipsNI programme. Companies who take part in the programme not only benefit from high-quality support but are also eligible to receive a payment of £500 when their employee full completes their apprenticeship.

To learn more about how your company could drive innovation and success through the ApprenticeshipsNI programme and to sign up for the programme go to:www.seetec.co.uk/employer/ni