JM Gorry & Son fits fleet with Michelin Remix


JM Gorry & Son)

Having tested a set of Michelin Remix retreaded tyres and found they outperformed competing brands’ new tyres fitted to identical vehicles, UK haulier JM Gorry & Son has switched to a Michelin policy across its fleet.

Said by the tyre manufacturer to offer virtually the same performance as a new Michelin tyre, but at a cost of around 40 per cent less – the Lancashire-based company switched to Michelin Remix tyres after they delivered better traction and total mileage than the competition.

Commenting, Dave Squires, Workshop Foreman at JM Gorry & Son, said: “The Remix tyres just ran and ran. We looked at how long they lasted and considered how much more we could save by fitting Michelin from new. While the up-front cost is admittedly higher than other premium brands, our calculations showed that if we used all the Michelin tyres’ multiple lives, we’ll reduce vehicle operating costs in the long term.”