GateHouse launches Logistics Cloud to counter high-value road theft



Transport data unifier GateHouse Logistics today announced that it has launched a new cloud service to help transport managers better counter high-value road cargo theft. Called ghSecure, the new cloud service is a further module of the firm's unique, all telematics unifying systemghTrack.

According to TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association), three road cargo thefts of high-value goods in the supply chain occur each day in Europe. The average value of each day's theft is Euros 205,624. Most goods targeted by organised crime are pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, clothes, tobacco and food, and the trade association now sees the year 2106 on course to set a five-year record for crime incidents.

Most crimes involve theft from vehicles usually parked at unsecured parking locations such as autoroute services, industrial estates or lay-bys close to major highways when drivers need to take mandatory rest breaks.

ghSecure is an intelligent high-value security cloud service that helps transport managers to monitor transports. It harnesses the power of real-time telematics technology to fight crime intelligently and keep supply chains resilient.

With ghSecure, transport managers define lanes and multiple associated secure routes. Each high-value transport can then be restricted to a secure lane. The system adds geofences around the routes and creates secure corridors including secure parking locations.

ghSecure tracks and monitors vehicles and those of sub-contractors in defined corridors. If a vehicle leaves the corridor or makes an unscheduled stop at a non-secure parking location, transport managers will be alerted. Alarms will be triggered enabling them to determine the reason for the incident, assess its seriousness, and take appropriate actions such as alerting highway authorities.

The ghSecure alarm cloud can be easily integrated into any transport management system and is compatible with any telematics system being used by sub-contractors.

"Organised crime in the supply chain is a billion Euros business and is crippling the transport industry," says Jesper Bennike, CEO, GateHouse Logistics. "The new GateHouse ghSecure cloud will help all hauliers to better counter road crime through real-time telematics control of truck corridors."