Maximising your braking potential


Byrne Brake Solutions is now a preferred supplier with the IRHA after they recognised the potential of the service that Eddie provides.)

In 2015 Midleton, Co Cork native Eddie Byrne decided to establish his own business and we took a look at the service that Eddie provides, which is a mobile brake disc skimming service, and it is not only cost efficient, but restores brake discs to a better standard than new ones.

A look into Eddie’s work background shows that he has developed a great wealth of knowledge in the haulage industry, having served his time as a mechanic with McCarthy Commercials in Watergrasshill, Co Cork.

“I have been involved in the haulage industry for over 20 years now. I worked with Ballinlough Refrigeration for a year and then served my time with McCarthy’s,” stated Eddie.

“I have been driving trucks on and off for 18 to 20 years. Then I became Service Manager with a Renault dealership in Meath for two years and then the opportunity came up to return to Cork and I worked as Service Manager in Transport Services. I always wanted to start my own business.

“So last year, I was at the CV show in Birmingham where they were showcasing a machine that is basically an on-the-truck brake disc lathe.

“I felt there was a gap in the market for this in Ireland and I decided to purchase one. I received the required training on how to use it properly and I then invested in a purpose built trailer built to my specification.

“Now I go around the country providing a nationwide service as a mobile unit with the on-the-truck brake disc lathe for easy, fast and practical use. This machine is designed to resurface brake discs.

The system is used on any HGV down to a 7.5 tonne light commercial, as well as trailers and Eddie revealed that the main selling point of his service is its mobility.

“I go to a haulier’s yard and access the condition of the discs. Sometimes trucks fail the CVRT on poor brake readings or rusty discs. Before setting up the machine up I would measure the discs and make sure that they are within the legal manufacturer’s specification, it is important that the face of the hub is spotless and the brake pads have been removed then the machine can be fitted. 

The process takes about 20 minutes.”

One of the advantages of the machine is that the brake calliper remains in place and the machine is fitted straight on to the hub. The machine then removes all the rust and possible grooves in the disc on both sides at the same time.

The machine is specially designed for easy and fast turning of brake discs on the axle of trucks, trailers, buses and light commercial vehicles without taking off the brake disc from the wheel hub. It is also suitable either for traditional axles or axles with hub reduction gear. There is adjustable electronic controlled feed for best surface finishing. Both sides of the brake disc are precision turned in a single operation.

The brake disc lathe can be positioned in any position of the 360°, so that it will not be necessary to dismantle the calliper.

“The feedback I have received from my customers has been very positive as they have revealed that when the vehicle is put back through for a CVRT retest, there is only a .2% of a brake imbalance, which is better that you would receive from putting in new brake discs.”

One of Eddie’s main customers are Dempsey’s of Cork who have been more than satisfied with the service they have been provided with.

“I did a truck for Dempsey’s when I first started and I did the same truck in the last few weeks and there was 100% wear on the pads this time around, which shows that the machine is the most cost effective option to use.

“I also did work for a haulier in Tipperary who uses DAF trucks and I was meant to do one axle for him, but ended up doing three and he was delighted with the service he got. He told me that the tester was actually impressed by the braking efficiency of the vehicle.”

Byrne Brake Solutions is now a preferred supplier with the IRHA after they recognised the potential of the service that Eddie provides.

“This is a good service and the way forward, but it can be hard to change the mind-set of people, although it is something that I have to work to change.
“I think the best form of advertising is word of mouth and in fairness, the feedback from my customers has been great so far.

“My work ethos is to be upfront and honest about a job. If the disc has gone too far and the machine can’t repair it, I will tell the customer. There’s no point in me doing a job for the sake of it, because the quality won’t be there and customer satisfaction is what I strive to achieve”.

Eddie is hoping to expand the business over the coming year and he already has many enquiries into the service.

Byrne Brake Solutions
Loughcarrig House
Co Cork
Tel: 087 7198928
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Taken from Irish Trucker & Light Commercials magazine, Vol 19 No 1, February 2016