Questions on drink-driving to be added to Driver Theory Test



The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has announced that from Monday 10 October, questions on drinking and driving will be added to the Driver Theory Test for the Motorcycle, Car and Works Vehicles Driver Theory Test. This is in direct response to a report issued by the RSA earlier this year which showed that drink-driving is still a significant road safety issue, particularly among some young people.

The main Driver Theory Test Question Bank will have 17 new questions on alcohol and driving. Two of these questions will be presented in each of the changed tests from 10 October 2016. The overall format of the test will not change. Learning material on the new questions is available at

Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross TD said: “Learning to drive is an exciting, formative time. For many people, this is when safe and positive attitudes to driving are established. Therefore it’s critical that we reinforce key road safety behaviours at every stage of the learning to drive process, from theory to practice. The addition of drink-driving as a subject area in the first stage, the Driver Theory Test, will help to remind learner drivers that this behaviour is unsafe, irresponsible and destroys lives.”

The RSA Pre-Crash Report on Alcohol showed that between 2008 and 2012, alcohol was a factor in 38% of fatal collisions, claiming the lives of 286 people. 43% of drivers killed who had consumed alcohol were between 16 and 24 years old and 57% of motorcyclists killed who had consumed alcohol were between 25 and 34 years old.

Moyagh Murdock, Chief Executive of the Road Safety Authority (RSA) said it was vital that young people understand the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol, no matter how little the amount consumed.

“The report we issued earlier this year dispels the myth that this killer behaviour is a thing of the past. It’s not - it is very much still present in communities throughout the country. What’s even more worrying is the number of young people who are dying on our roads because of alcohol. We need to use every opportunity we can to help new drivers to understand the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving.”

Candidates are advised to use the current versions of the supporting learning materials (The Official Driver Theory Test - Book and CD, 5th or 6th Edition) in addition to the PDF with information on the new section related to drink-driving. The PDF is available on and

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