New Fleetminder coming soon



From May 2016, Fleetminder, one the industry leaders in fleet maintenance and workshop management software applications is moving its platform to the cloud.

This will be a welcome development for many fleet operators, as in addition to new functionality and a completely redesigned user interface, the product will have an all new, per month, pricing structure, thus eliminating the need for an up-front capital investment.

Fleetminder is designed to take the burden out of fleet maintenance by automating essential tasks and reducing both paperwork and administrative tasks. In so doing, the system provides the fleet owner with a full audit trail and instant access to vehicle maintenance records with associated costs.

Commenting on the system Graham McCarthy, Marketing Manager of Fleetminder said; “Moving to a cloud platform will mean no upfront costs, no requirement for special hardware and greater flexibility for customers to scale the system as required.”

What makes Fleetminder unique is its inbuilt vendor management system. A fleet operator can create a job card and provide secure access to their maintenance unit or to an external maintenance unit or vendor, carrying out work on their vehicles. Once the job card is completed, the operator signs off on the job, the vehicle history is updated and the relevant information is sent to their accounts package, all at the touch of a button.

From as little as £59 per month, a fleet operator, irrespective of size, will be able to plan their maintenance, carry out electronic inspections (driver & regulatory), store all asset details in a single location (no more filing) and manage their vendors (tyre suppliers, external maintenance providers mobile fitters, etc.) on a single integrated platform.

As with traditional Fleetminder the system will be able to integrate with existing telematics systems and all major accounting systems. A driver inspection app will also be available at a fraction of the cost of the standard inspection booklets, which will link directly to a central console, allowing fleet managers instant access to the status of each vehicle at the beginning of each day.

Fleetminders workshop module employs touch-screens, and bar coding scanners, for fitters to add their time and parts to a job card. The ease of use of the system ensures speedy adoption by non-technical users.It also provides full reporting functionality on workshop labour efficiency and sales and margin analysis.

Mr McCarthy went on to say: A free one month’s trial version of the system will be available on Fleetminder’s new website from early May, allowing users to test drive the new software before committing to a purchase.

To pre-order your demo system please contact: 01 612 0800 or visit [email protected]