MAN TGS evolves to compete in car transporter market


The redesign has seen the roofline of the TGS lowered)

MAN Truck and Bus UK has launched its new 44 tonne 6x2 TGS as a solution to meet the demands of the market and in support of leading bodybuilder Essex-based Transporter.

Daryl Hymas, sales and commercial director for Transporter, said: “We are constantly striving to improve and innovate with our range of transporter bodies.

“It is a constant task to improve driver safety and comfort and to increase the amount of space available within the limits of the transporter dimensions.

“With this in mind MAN has been able to redesign its product to create a brand new TGS model that works with our latest body, the Evo 8.”

He added: “Height is a crucial consideration in our design and the new TGS with its lower roofline allows us to put a car over the cab without breaching the 4.6m restriction.

“The advent of Euro 6 meant that cabs were raised to accommodate the extra technical requirements, but the new TGS offers a solution.

“We are showcasing Evo 8 and the TGS with some of our customers and are confident that they will be impressed with the products, and that a new product has been launched on to the market by MAN, where there has traditionally been limited competition.”

Mark Price, MAN international key account manager, said: “We were delighted to be approached by Transporter to see if we could provide a solution to the demands of their marketplace.

“By listening to their requirements we were able to draw on MAN’s expertise and meet the specifications with our new TGS car transporter.

“Latterly the market has been dominated by just two companies, and we are looking forward to becoming a third contender.

“The product has been designed specifically for this role and we are confident that it will standout and become a market leader.”


Vehicle dimensions (mm)


Rear bogie spread….1025

Front overhang….1475

Rear Chassis overhang….2000

Cab height (laden)….2790

Chassis to cab roof (laden)….1895

Frame height at centre of rear bogie (laden)….915


MAN D2676LF46 engine delivering 440 PS and 2100Nm

12speed TipMatic transmission