OToole transport joins SEAFOODWAYS network



The Irish company is one of six firms whose aim is to offer a comprehensive solution with a European collection and distribution network managed by professionals in seafood logistics, meeting high standards in terms of quality, professionalism and performance.

The 6 partners offer to the seafood industry an infrastructure and transport close-knit network with no

equivalent in Europe, for:

- An homogenous quality of operational service

- A wider range

- An end-to-end direct flow management across Europe: from shipper (harbour, fish farms…) to consumer (retailers, wholesalers…)

- A larger consolidated distribution capacity

With the integration of these three new members, "Seafoodways" network, previously composed of 34 sites and a fleet of 700 vehicles dedicated to the logistics of fresh seafood products, now has 44 platforms, more than 1.000 vehicles and processes in total 1.250.000 tons of seafood products each year in Europe. The opening towards new European countries (Netherlands, Ireland and Greece) also strengthens the network’s anchorage in Europe based on reliable and recognized actors.

Thus, the six companies make available their tools and their innovative efforts to better adapt to changes in the industry and offer solutions massification and piloting the most powerful stream.

Seafoodways’ interconnected and fully synchronized operations enable seafood industry players (producers,  manufacturers, processors, wholesalers and retailers) to optimize their flow and to rely on complementary logistics services across Europe. Additional services for which each has a recognized expertise: storage, picking, freezing… Data flows are interconnected via specialized interfaced information systems to process networked groupage operations for seafood on a European scale.