New regulations for learner drivers



New regulations are set to be introduced for driving tests.

Learner drivers will be asked to demonstrate eco-friendly motoring and will need to drive without instruction under radical plans to change the driving test.

Brian Farrell from Road Safety Authority said: "This would mark candidates on progression in driving, smooth gear work and controlled breaking. It's all with a view to being economical and saving on fuel."

The testing might also be conducted without direct involvement of an examiner.

"The tester will, of course, give a general direction. But the aim of this is to bring out natural, or real driving, without telling somebody to turn left and right all the time," he added. "It's being used in the UK, Sweden, and Finland and there has been some good feedback from those countries.”

They will also be shown video to identify hazards on the road as part of a 'virtual' element to modernise the testing process.