Seafood transport alliance founded



The alliance members include STEF Seafood, which will be in charge of collecting goods in every European airport, picking and shipping across Europe to distribution platforms of the retailing industry, the catering sector, wholesalers and semi-wholesalers.

Luc Teuler, chief executive of the alliance commented: “Our business is focused on seafood international trading. To cope with market changes, five European wholesalers have decided to come together to share their skills to enhance their purchasing and selling power around the world.

“To accompany our logistics development and the distribution of our goods throughout Europe, we have decided to rely on STEF Seafood, a well-known player on the market for seafood temperature-controlled transport.

“The density of its European network, its human and technical skills – particularly its ability to deliver in France on the same day and in Europe on the following day -  were key to our choice.”

Up to 1 000 tons of seafoods such as fresh fish, seashells and crustaceans are shipped throughout Europe each year.