New Standard for Crash Repairers in Ireland


First 38 National Bodyshops launch CSS)

CSS is a national accreditation mark which offers consumers assurance that structural vehicle body repairs have been carried out to the highest possible standard.

Setup by the SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) CSS was established because of the increasing complexity of the makeup of cars and the level of expertise that is required to repair them. CSS reassures consumers that specific repairers have the ability to structurally repair vehicles to the highest standard.

Paul Linders, President of SIMI: “Customers deserve the best service and the best standard of repairs when they experience the trauma of a crash repair. When a vehicle is involved in a serious crash or accident it doesn’t necessarily have to be written- off, that vehicle can be repaired to a high standard and returned to the road in a safe condition. What is important though is that you can be sure it has been properly/correctly repaired before it is returned to the road and that is where CSS comes in." 

At the presentation of the CSS accreditation to 38 bodyshops, Mr Linders said:

“These bodyshops should be proud of their accomplishment. Their willingness to raise the standard of repairs within the Industry demonstrates the passion and pride they have in their personnel and their business and most importantly in their ability to repair crashed vehicles safely and to the highest quality.”

He also commended the efforts of the RSA for their continued focus on road safety and welcomed their plans to introduce regulations for statutory reporting of write-offs and the requirements for significant repairs to be certified or recorded prior to a seriously damaged vehicle being allowed back on the road.

“It is time to implement these requirements for the benefit of consumers and road users. We strongly support this RSA initiative and we would see CSS playing a key part of this process. “