Thermo King toolbox to save you money?



The toolbox provides information on how to operate refrigeration units while identifying operational best practices on loading and unloading, fuel consumption and other key focal points of refrigerated transport.

Reatured solutions can be easily implemented to help customers improve their operations and the way they use their refrigeration units, according to Thermo King.

The stand-alone, interactive and multilingual Thermo King Professor Kool training module provides educational tools that help users gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of refrigeration.

The range of tools has been designed to meet unique customer requirements as well as different usage levels. The toolbox offers drivers and fleet operators carefully tailored tools that teach them how to get the most out of their refrigeration units. The Professor Kool training offering combines a selection of best practices on how to improve fleet operation and unit efficiency with basic refrigeration fundamentals.

“The science of refrigerated transportation has advanced dramatically in recent decades,” says Benoit Latno, director of channel development and business excellence at Thermo King.

“Thermo King applies current and emerging technologies and practices that help customers meet their challenges and improve their business processes. This tool offers easy access to comprehensive knowledge that will help our customers optimize their operations and gain full control over their refrigeration units.”