Axis look to Krone for cool chain ’up-time’


Axis look to Krone for cool chain ‘up-time’)

Joining a mixed fleet of over 2000 assets, the trailers are on long term contract with leading cold chain logistics operators in the UK and Europe.

Typically, Axis will run the Cool Liners for 6-7 years and given their high build standard and wide acceptance throughout Europe, the company is more than confident that the trailers will maintain performance and resale value. Factors about which David Reay, Sales Director for Axis Fleet Management is keenly aware.

“These trailers are designed to cope with the sort of everyday wear and tear which can often see other trailers back in the work shop”

Maximum uptime, according to David Reay, is vital to ensure continuity and reliability in the supply chain.

“Our customers” he continues, “are delivering around the clock to RDCs and stores throughout Europe against demanding and time-critical schedules. Every hour that a trailer goes down can have a domino effect in the delivery process. It is imperative therefore that our trailers are not only built to the highest quality to ensure efficient insulation and reliable performance but also that we and our customers can rely on the back up provided. In this regard, Krone is pro active and probably the best I have come across”

The single temperature Cool Liners come with Carrier fridge engines and the market-proven Krone aluminium floor.